The Road To Somewhere

Written with Julie Armstrong, Heather Leach, Helen Newall & John Singleton.

Publisher’s Description

This revised, updated and expanded new edition of The Road to Somewhere will help you to acquire the craft and disciplines needed to develop as a writer in today’s world. It is ideal for anyone – student writers, writing teachers and seasoned authors – seeking practical guidance, new ideas and creative inspiration. The Road to Somewhere: A Creative Writing Companion, second edition offers:- new chapters on writing for digital media, flash fiction, memoir, style and taking your writing out into the world- updated chapters on fiction, scripts, poetry, and experimental forms- an examination of creative processes and advice on how to read as a writer – many practical exercises and useable course materials- extensive references and suggestions for further reading- information on how to get work published or produced, in real and virtual worlds- tips on how to set up and run writing workshops and groups – a complete Agony Aunt section to help with blocks and barriers – guidance on the more technical aspects of writing such as layout and grammar.And, to lighten your writing journey a little, we’ve tried to make this second edition even wittier and smarter than the first. So whether you see yourself as a published professional or a dedicated dabbler, this is the book to take along for the ride.

Reader Reviews

My Bible! I use this book regularly when I come across problems in my writing. A great book with quirky anecdotes and fun facts, as well as tips and tricks to improve yourself as time progresses. You will definitely see the difference with this!

ZV Adams

Love, love, love this book! Easy to read, informative and very motivational. I feel I can write a book every time I read this book. It is helping me believe in my ability to write. I read it almost every day and especially before my writing lectures. Great help!


A really useful guide, practical and fun. Was recommended by a friend – we borrowed his copy and liked it so much we bought our own – just like the razor company man – it was a very good steer by our friend. My 18 year old is studying english abd creative weiting and it is ideal for him.

Big Bando

Published by Palgrave McMillan, 2014

Available from bookstores, amazon and other sellers

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