If You Have Five Seconds To Spare

If You Have Five Seconds To Spare focuses on the relationship between The Smiths and their fans, and played a sold-out run.  The script references some of the key kitchen-sink films that influenced Morrissey: Billy Liar, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, A Kind of Loving and – especially – A Taste Of Honey.  One of the challenges of writing it was that it was a youth theatre show and consequently had a cast of about 70.

‘A highly entertaining exploration of ’80s youth, still rooted in a nostalgia for things they never knew, yet can sing along to.’
                             Janet Reeder, Greater Manchester Theatre

‘There was good use of comedy and music, and writing which revealed sensitivity about the young people he celebrates. Irresistibly enjoyable.’
                             Judy Meewezen, Times Educational Supplement

‘Charmed and fascinating.’  John Robb, Sounds

Commissioned by Contact Theatre, Manchester, 1989

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