For many years, I’ve been involved with Caterpillar, a Christian youth arts group. We put on a production each summer, and the shows included original drama, songs, art, dance and films, all inspired by improvisations based on parts of The Bible. Each year, between autumn and spring, we improvised our way through an Old Testament story. We did most of them. When we weren’t in the Old Testament, we either worked our way through a gospel or pursued a theme in the life of Jesus. To date, these are our productions:

Voodoobusters! (based on Gideon’s story, 1998)
The Noah Show (based on Noah’s story, 1999)
I.W.T.P.Y.L.I.S. (based on a selection of Psalms, 2000)
The Big Fish (based on Jonah’s story, 2001)
Disciples (based on the Gospel story, 2002)
The Dreamer (based on Joseph’s story, 2003)
Soul Academy (based on David’s story, 2004)
The Amazing Grip (based on Exodus story, 2005)
Something Better (based on Paul’s story, 2006)
The Abe Team (based on Abraham’s story, 2007)
Upside Down (based on Jesus’ parables, 2008)
Standing On The Rock Of Ages (based on the story of David, and the Psalms, 2009)
Astonishing Stories, Awesome Wisdom (based on various parts of The Bible, a selection box, 2009)
Start! (based on the theme of Jesus in action in the gospels, 2010)
Nebuchadnestlé (based on the book of Daniel, 2011)
God Is All Right (based on the gospel of Mark 2012)
True Strength (based on the books of Joshua, Judges and Ruth, 2013)
Boom! (based on the gospels, 2014)
Prophets Fenomenales (based on the stories of various prophets, 2015)
Yahweh, Baby! (based on creation accounts in Genesis, Psalms and John,

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