How To Write A Short Story (And Think About It)

Publisher’s Description

Short story publishing is flourishing in the twenty-first century and is no longer seen as a poor relation of the novel. But what is a short story?  And how do you write one? Robert Graham takes you through everything you need to know, from how a writer works to crafting and editing your own fiction.

This heavily revised edition features new chapters by contemporary fiction writers.  Stressing the importance of reading broadly and deeply, the book includes a wide range of prompts and writing exercises. It teaches you how to read as a writer and write like somebody who has read. You will learn the elements of craft you need to produce short stories, and one of the key writer’s disciplines: reflecting on your own work. Whether you are a student or an experienced author, this book will teach you how to write short stories – and reflect on the creative processes involved. 

The book features chapters from writer-teachers James Friel, Rodge Glass, Ursula Hurley, Heather Leach, Helen Newall, Jenny Newman, James Rice and Tom Vowler.

Published by Palgrave McMillan, 2017

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